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A Horse Walks Into a Bar — No, Really! Ha-HA!

A sweet little horsey. Photo: Alan Baker/Getty Images/Ikon Images

Get a load of this one: knock, knock. Who’s there? Kelly. Kelly who? Kelly Conaboy from the-cut-dot-com, and I am delighted to inform you that jokes are coming true! Chickens are crossing the road, tomatoes are blushing because they saw the salad dressing, and, of course, horses with long faces are walking into bars and not being served, out of the proprietor’s rudeness! One horse is doing that, at least —

In France!

According to the Independent, a racehorse escaped her stable in Chantilly, France, on September 24. Her trainer, Jean-Marie Beguigne, said she took off and ran to a bar less than a mile away. “The filly escaped by going on to the road, and crossing a roundabout before entering this bar,” Beguigne told Ouest France. Upon walking into this establishment, she bucked rigorously, harming no one but displacing several chairs. “It is all quite exceptional.” Indeed it is!

“There was quite a panic,” bar owner Stephane Jasmin told Reuters. “I still can’t quite believe it happened.” Me neither!

As you can see in the video, the sweet horse caused quite a stir as she entered the bar, looking to be served like any other patron. Was she asked what she’d like to drink? Was she asked if she’d like a bowl of peanuts? Was she asked if she had a hard day, or what was on her mind? No. Sadly, she was ignored out of fear. Highly rude behavior, but it is clear her spirit was undeterred, and it is reported that her physical body was uninjured. Thank you, horse; you are an inspiration!

While it’s impossible to predict which joke will come true next, it is clear that it will be one of them. We can only wait and see, and watch out for pebbles rolling down hills because they are trying to be boulder. Ha-ha!

A Horse Walks Into a Bar — No, Really! Ha-HA!