New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor Is This Beautiful Duck

A male mandarin duck.
A photo of a different male mandarin duck that we had to use because of permissions. Photo: Philippe Clément/UIG via Getty Images

New York City is home to an abundance of birds: starlings, hawks, sparrows seagulls, and more. But the hottest one at the moment is undeniably this male mandarin duck. Gothamist reports that the non-native fowl — who likely escaped from a zoo or his owner — was first seen in mid-October in the Central Park Pond. Here, a soothing glimpse at this mesmerizing creature:

Last week he was spotted again, lost in thought by the 79th Street Boat basin.

And yesterday, per Gothamist, he was enjoying his Sunday afternoon back at the pond.

Beautiful? Yes. Mysterious? Yes. New York City’s most eligible bachelor? Yes! And we’ve compiled everything you need to know about him:

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Relationship status: Probably single
Neighborhood: Upper West Side/Midtown
Job: Duck
Height: 16–19 inches
Wingspan: 26–30 inches
Diet: Seeds, acorns, grains, aquatic plants, insects, land snails, small fish
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Celebrity crush: Marisa Tomei
Political affiliation: Duck
Duck: Yes

New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor Is This Beautiful Duck