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Beautycounter Sets Up in Nolita, Modern Vanity Mirrors, and Birkenstock’s First U.S. Store

Photo: The Cut

First Look

On October 26, ingredient-focused, environmentally friendly clean-beauty brand Beautycounter will open its first permanent shop (51 Prince St.).

Photo: Jason Lee/Courtesy of the vendors

1. Phone booth: A phone booth with a book full of lawmakers’ phone numbers so customers can make calls in support of the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

2. Bathroom: One sparkling-clean toilet, plus a vanity where customers can try out products, then pat dry with super-fluffy towels.

3. Makeup: An old-school counter with chrome stools will house all of the makeup, like a velvet eye-shadow palette ($50), a hibiscus-colored cream blush ($38), and an opalescent lip gloss ($29).

4. Body: Three shelves of body-focused products like a citrus-mimosa body butter ($39), plus kids’ products like a gentle detangler ($18).

5. Regimens: Skin products meant to be used together — like the Countercontrol Collection ($137), which includes a cleanser, a toner, and a gel cream — will live on glass-and-metal shelves.

2x2: Non-Victorian Vanity Mirrors

For some good old-fashioned self-observation.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Colorful: Slash vanity mirror, $275 at
Subdued: Ramp vanity mirror, $285 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Colorful: Utility mirror, $34 at
Subdued: Ping-Pong handheld mirror, $172 at


Tina Sharkey brings Brandless, an e-commerce site that sells everything-for-$3 food, beauty, and home supplies, to NYC on October 24 (459 W. 14th St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors/JOHN SCIULLI PHOTOGRAPHER (c)2018

“Unless you buy Brandless products, there’s no way to try them, which is why the space is going to be all about letting customers test everything and bringing our products to life. Our facial tissues are tree free — they’re made of bamboo grasses — so we’re erecting this large bamboo forest to emphasize that. We’re going to have a clean-beauty bar, where you can put on our eco-friendly lemon-verbena hand cream; an Italian bar, where you can taste our balsamic and pastas and olive oil; and a soup area, where you can try our butternut squash. Basically, you’ll be walking into an 8,500-square-foot Brandless box.”

He Said, He Said

Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson will soon open a store for their athletic brand Nobull (68 Prince St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Is the name a play on “No B.S.”?
Michael: Yes. The shop is going to reflect the name — very sparse.

Marcus: Simplicity is our thing. Our trainers (from $99), made of military-grade material, are no-frills but can withstand every possible workout scenario — they’re even puncture resistant.

Michael: A customer tested that by stabbing them. They held up very well.

Ask a Shop Clerk

On October 1, Birkenstock America CEO David Kahan opened the 244-year-old brand’s first U.S. store, in Soho (120 Spring St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors/BFA

You’re selling skin care?
Yes! Birkenstock skin care! It’s the best foot cream on the face of the Earth.
Its main ingredient is cork, which is what our shoes are made of. The store itself is pretty great too. It’s two stories: The upstairs has our most sought-after limited editions, like the Rick Owens Birks (from $350), then downstairs has our more traditional shoes. Even before we opened, people were pounding on the door — people in New York don’t just like our product, they love it. I swear to God, I’m at the store now and just saw three people walk in the door already wearing Birkenstocks.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors/BFA

Top Five

On October 26, David Kimelman and Kevin Burke, of the highly aspirational Cold Spring–based homewares store Burkelman, will open a downstate location (332 Bowery).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“These opalescent Champagne coupes ($24) are mouth-blown in Poland. When they’re together on a tray, they almost look like soap bubbles.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“These kilim pillows ($88) are produced in India. They’re oversize, which means they’re great to sit on when you’re playing cards on the floor with friends.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Wwake, an NYC-based jeweler, made this gorgeous opal ring ($518). When women see it, they tend to nudge their husband and say, ‘I love that ring, hint-hint.’ ”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“These sheepskin pelts ($124) come in 11 different colors, including blush, purple, and a bright blue we call Poseidon. They’re so fun and fabulous.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We launched this candle ($38) last year. It smells like wood and tobacco. It’s popular with people who live in the Hudson Valley — and those who wish they did.”

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Beautycounter Opens, Vanity Mirrors, Birkenstock’s Debut