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Bella Hadid’s Fridge Is an Awe-Inspiring Shrine to Condiments and Liquids

Bella Hadid.
When you have a multitude of beverage options. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Stars — are they just like us? So goes the eternal question. Let’s apply it to Bella Hadid’s fridge, for example. If I were to tell you to picture a fridge mostly filled with condiments and liquids, what would come to mind? A few bottles of seltzer, and some old mustard, maybe? Now, take a look at Bella Hadid’s fridge, which is primarily comprised of those two things. It is, as was pointed out on Twitter, “looking like a West Village bodega.”

I’m seeing (at minimum) two San Pellegrino soda flavors, two GT’s kombucha flavors, two Blueprint juices, cold brew, coconut water, bottled Poland Spring water, and the hottest dairy alternative of the moment, oat milk.

It’s impressive until you consider her mother Yolanda’s fridge is whatever this is:

Bella Hadid’s Fridge Is Mostly Condiments and Liquids