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What to Wear in Your Apple Orchard Selfie

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Every fall, otherwise rational city dwellers descend upon apple orchards en masse, determined to photograph themselves standing in front of fall foliage. We know, because we are among them. It’s hard to resist the urge to frolic in nature, even if you think apple picking is a scam. But what exactly should you wear for an excursion that involves performatively partaking in autumn activities? Read on for four outfit ideas that will let you indulge your inner Mr. Autumn Man.

Plaids on Plaids on Plaids

Plaid is to fall what gingham is to summer — basically a requirement. You can always just throw on a flannel with jeans, but if you want a more fashion-y approach, try pairing a classic red plaid dress with a neutral plaid coat, then finishing the look off with utility boots that won’t get stuck in the grass.

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

Available in sizes S–L.

Available in sizes S–L.

Available in sizes XS–XXL.

Available in sizes 12–26.

An Essential Sweater-Weather Look

In the winter, a light cashmere sweater is a mere layer, but in early fall, it can be the basis of an entire outfit. You can’t go wrong with a burgundy sweater, straight jeans, and cross-body bag. Lean into the look by adding a floppy hat, since everyone else at the orchard will probably be wearing one.

Available in sizes XXS–XXL.

Available in sizes XXS–3X.

Mustard Yellow to Match the Foliage

Does mustard yellow feel a bit obvious for fall? Probably. But it’s a nice way to add color and stay warm without having to wear a jacket. Pair your mustard knit with a denim midi skirt and trendy Nike sneakers to make it feel fresh.

Available in sizes XXS–L.

Available in sizes 14–24.

A Cool, Practical Jumpsuit

Why not wear something that will let you sit comfortably in the grass? Here’s my secret to pulling off a jumpsuit: You want a slightly oversize fit. If it’s too tight, it’ll look like a uniform, or like a Halloween costume. The jumpsuits below come in pared-back silhouettes with a timeless appeal. Wear one with closed-toe mules and a beret to reel in the likes.

Available in sizes 00–22.

Available in sizes 0–14.

Available in sizes S–L.

Available in sizes 0X–3X.

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

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What to Wear in Your Apple Orchard Selfie