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Elusive ‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Filmed in the Deep Sea

The 'headless chicken monster' sea cucumber.
Photo: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The deep ocean is filled with mysteries. As someone who’s still scared to stand too close to the squid and whale diorama at the American Museum of Natural History, I can safely say I don’t want to know about most of them. But with the “headless chicken monster” all over in today’s headlines, I’m opening my heart and mind and fear receptors to this aquatic floating blob.

Join me on this underwater journey.

What is it?
The “headless chicken monster” or Enypniastes eximia is the hottest sea cucumber of the moment. It can grow up to nine inches in size and filters organic matter from the ocean floor.

Where does it live?
The ocean, duh!!!

Why is it called that?
“It looks a bit like a chicken just before you put it in oven,” scientist Dirk Welsford of the Australian Antarctic Division told the New York Times.

How many are out there?
Dr. Welsford said they have “absolutely no idea.”

Why is this a big deal?
This is only the second time this creature’s ever been filmed, and nobody’s ever seen it so far south before. This particular one was spotted in the Antarctic Ocean, 2,500 miles off the southwest coast of Australia.

Can I see a mesmerizing video of it moving, set to a soothing musical accompaniment?
Please enjoy:

Elusive ‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Filmed in the Deep Sea