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Bella Thorne Found a Better Way to Hide Annoying Pimples

Bella Thorne. Photo: Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images

We look to celebrities for guidance on a handful of things, and that handful is mostly just life-changing beauty tips. In a recent Los Angeles Times profile, 21-year-old actor/singer/ex-Disney-ite/influencer/owner of 19 cats Bella Thorne revealed one of the best ways to hide a pimple only two paragraphs into the piece, and with zero prompting. After writer Amy Kaufman walks past Thorne’s stacks of clear drawers filled with “hundreds of beauty products,” she drops this nugget of a hybrid skin-care-meets-makeup hack:

She puts down the blunt she has been smoking and picks up a pencil, dotting beauty marks onto her face. This is one of the ways she deals with her acne, she explains — highlighting her freckles to distract from the blemishes on her face.

Now, the lack of focus on covering up the acne isn’t completely novel — many of Thorne’s Gen-Z cohorts (like the Biebz) are all about leaving your breakouts be. What’s noteworthy here is that Thorne fearlessly escalates the situation to another level by adding even more dots to her face! The best part? This method is easy to do at home. All you need are:

1. A blunt to put down.
2. Natural freckles.
3. An eyeliner pencil.
4. A mirror, probably.

Just put down the blunt and add the dots. That’s it!

Other things you can try to hide your breakouts in plain sight: wear a shade of lipstick that makes people look at your mouth and only your mouth (try a bright red, black, or something super weird like green) or wear a hat like Selena Gomez.

Bella Thorne Found a New Way to Hide Pimples