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It Appears That Trump Does Not Know How to Close an Umbrella

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

While boarding Air Force One on his way to a rally in Illinois, President Trump showed there was yet another thing that he did not know how to do: close an umbrella. As he ascended the flight of stairs leading to the plane, he made no effort to close the umbrella, and instead left it on the steps.

The umbrella disposal was not the worst thing Trump said or did on Saturday — in the midst of a national tragedy he still decided to go to a campaign rally in another state — but it was certainly the most bizarre to watch. He just ducks into the door of the plane, leaving the very large black umbrella to roll around in the rain. He seemed to briefly consider bringing the umbrella in with him, but then confidently drops it, not stopping to see if there will be anyone to grab it and close it.

Abandoning the umbrella follows a long line of Trump having a hard time successfully completing simple tasks. He boarded a recent Air Force One flight with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, it’s really difficult for him to use speaker phone, and stringing together coherent sentences is always an iffy venture for the president.

It Appears That Trump Does Not Know How to Close an Umbrella