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This K-Beauty Toner Makes My Skin Less Needy

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John Mayer famously sang, “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” but that’s a lie. Working in the beauty industry has taught me that Mayer should have sung, “Your Body Is a Dried-Up Kitchen Sponge.” Human bodies are a wonder in many, many ways, but are excessively greedy about the amount of water they require in order to function and look good. Even celebrities talk about drinking water all the time! Life is just one big journey, and every day is a Sisyphean exercise in hydrating our bodies (only to pee it out later, cruel).

In my daily question to maintain a basic level of hydration, I turn to a toner from Korean beauty brand ID.AZ. The ironic thing about giving your skin the moisture it craves is that putting water on it directly actually dries it out. Your skin has natural oils, and long exposure to water allows them to leak out of your skin. But a good toner will keep your skin nice and moist, and a great one will feel like it has the replenishing quality of water.

The one from ID.AZ feels like cool, wet silk. I put it on right after washing my face and my skin is sated thanks to a mix of hyaluronic acid and aloe. It makes my skin feel softer and less cracked, and it makes the moisturizer I put on my face afterward feel more lush and rich. I’ve gone through two bottles already, and although I keep trying out new toners, I keep returning to this one. Initially, I thought I liked this product because it made my skin less needy — but maybe I’m the needy one after all.

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This K-Beauty Toner Makes My Skin Less Needy