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Sorry, But This Robot Painting Sucks

Edmond de Belamy.
Who is she? Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

On Thursday, Edmond de Belamy became the first work of art created by artificial intelligence to be sold at an auction. Per CNN, members of the Paris-based collective Obvious “fed a two-part algorithm 15,000 images of portraits from different time periods. After reviewing these submissions, the first part of the algorithm began generating its own portraits, trying to create original works that could pass as man-made.” The print was estimated to go for only $7,000–$10,000. It sold for $432,500.

Sure. I have no strong opinions on the art market. I’m not a critic. But, as a person who looked at the print above for at least 30 seconds, I have to say: the robot painting is bad. It looks like a drawing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg if you spilled a ton of water on it. Or Ted Cruz, all the time.

Give me the botched Jesus fresco over this, any day.

Sorry, But This Robot Painting Sucks