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This Taxi Driver Was Suspended for Wearing a Sheet Mask

Photo: Getty Images

Sheet masks: Portable, fun, and easy to use. Recommended by some skin-care experts as a great way to hydrate, and by others as well … not that great. No matter how you feel about sheet masks, we can all agree that they are pretty innocuous. Unless you happen to be Chen Yiqun, the taxi driver (and newly minted #skincaregoals icon) who was suspended for wearing one while driving.

After a photo of him wearing a sheet mask went viral, the 25-year-old was given a “stern lecture” from local police about how a sheet mask could “fall off” and “affect the driver’s vision.” He also received a three-day suspension from his job.

Let him live. Photo: Via SCMP/Weibo

But dear Zhejiang province police department and taxi company: Anything can affect a driver’s vision: Sunglasses, rain, tears. How is wearing a sheet mask more dangerous than, say, being constantly on a phone call, as every taxi driver in the world seems to be doing all the time, always?

If proper hydration, even skin tone, and increased radiance is a crime, then lock us up. Chen Yiqun shall not be defamed in this way. He told a Hong Kong newspaper that he has been using sheet masks every two or three days since he turned 20. Now, please turn your attention to how amazing his skin looks:

Unofficial sheet mask spokesman. Photo: Via SCMP/Weibo

Clearly, he knows the benefit of a regular routine, and his daily grind is not going to get in the way of beautiful skin. He said it himself: “I pick all the skin-care products for my family. I’m more particular about them than my wife.” Chen Yiqun, we salute you.

This Taxi Driver Was Suspended for Wearing a Sheet Mask