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The Influencer Who Loves Matcha CBD Lattes and Tattoos

“Getting tattoos is how I relax. It’s my therapy.” Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Chris Lavish, Influencer and Digital Director

Where are you headed?
MatchaBar. They sponsor me. I was going there all the time, ordering this $15 CBD latte, and then posting pictures of it to Instagram. Finally, the owner gave me a corporate card in exchange for a couple of posts a week. Their slogan is “Good things come to those who hustle” — when I first saw that, I was like, Wow, that is so me.

You’re a hustler?
I don’t watch TV. No plays, no books. The last movie I saw is … well, I’d rather not tell you. Okay, it was Avatar. In the theater. I just write emails and travel for work. I’m barely home; I’m always at JFK. I’m vegan and straight edge. Getting tattoos is how I relax. It’s my therapy.

How so?
I tell my tattoo artist everything. He knows more about my life than anybody. More than my ex-girlfriend.

When’d you break up?
A year ago. Everybody responds so well to the ex jokes I make on Instagram about it — like, “Oh my God, this is worse than my ex,” or whatever. I feel like it makes my audience think, He’s really authentic.

Do you always wear sunglasses?
Always. Because it’s very invasive for somebody to look at you straight in the eye. Like, who let you into my eyes? Who let you in there?

Lightning Round

Age: 26.
Neighborhood: West Village.
Favorite sunglasses: “My big Gucci’s.”
Favorite exercise: “I try to do mainly calisthenics now, because it keeps my energy stable.”
Favorite sport: “I used to play basketball. Ball used to be life. I watch when I can, though I recently threw my television out.”
Last work trip: “Vegas.”

*This article appears in the October 15, 2018, issue of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

The Influencer Who Loves Matcha CBD Lattes and Tattoos