The Scariest Part of Halloween This Year Will Be the Trumpkins

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

What’s a surefire way to give the kids coming to your doorstep for candy on Halloween this year the spooks? Put away your witch hats and LED light-therapy masks, and try your hand at the Trumpkin — a pumpkin carved to resemble the face of our hollow orange president. Social media is hauntingly full of takes on the Trumpkin; here, we’ve gathered some of our favorites.

The Total Winner

The Absolute Best

The Bigliest


The Truly Greatest

A Fantastic Pumpkin

The Most Really Good One

Incredible Hardworking GREAT Pumpkin

An American Hero

Photo: Paul Nicholls/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Admittedly Not the Greatest But Still Pretty Good

The Scariest Part of Halloween Is the Trumpkin