Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 29

Edith Head, famed costume designer and Scorpio. Illustration: Jenny Sharaf/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Early Wednesday morning, Mercury, planet of communication, enters optimistic and philosophical Sagittarius. Here, your thoughts might become less deep and probing but more broad, expansive, and bright. Your words might become less provocative and more generous. On Wednesday afternoon, love planet Venus — which is still retrograde — enters romantic and social Libra. What have you learned in this retrograde period so far? What does Venus continue to reveal to you about your sweet, tangled desires?

Weekly Horoscope Aries


Your skin and your dreams might feel electric this week, humming with an energy so bright you’d swear you can see it glowing in the night. There’s too much energy to hold it all inside you. Lightning always finds its way to the ground, and your energy will always find its way out of your body. It can be tempting to start drama, to pick a fight, just to have something to do with all of these feelings, but you don’t need to. There’s so much life to engage with already, so much out there just waiting to be seen.

Weekly Horoscope Taurus


You’ve been going through a long, hard period of transformation, and it hasn’t been easy, even for someone as steadfastly courageous as you. It’s been so hard to know which changes to embrace and which ones to resist; which ones to dig into and which to leave well enough alone. You’ve done so much with the limited tools you’ve been given, but finally this week might bring some clarity and ease. Something might become clear that wasn’t clear before. Your mind might finally be ready to know the things your body knew already.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini


It isn’t exactly that your curiosity could get you into trouble this week, but rather that it might open doors into more rooms than you’re prepared to enter. It might begin more new stories than you’ll be able to follow to the end. Even with your skill at operating on multiple levels at once, even with your skill at jumping back and forth between rooms and realities, sometimes it all becomes too much. This week, allow yourself to let go of what you aren’t prepared to follow through on.
This isn’t failure — it’s just living the life you have.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer


You know, most of the time, how to navigate your feelings, how to hear their song, how to hold them close and with care. And still, sometimes, a wild passion can rise up that destabilizes even you. Of all the emotions that live in you, passion can be the hardest to trust — it’s so unpredictable, so unruly, so demanding. This week, though, try to let it guide you, at least for a while. It isn’t the worst thing to shine so brightly that you reveal yourself. It’s not the worst thing to let yourself become sharp and dangerous.

Weekly Horoscope Leo


Even you, powerful and assured and filled with the strength of the sun, can feel sometimes like you’re not equal to the task at hand. Even you can feel sometimes like you’ll need to become a wholly new person in order to make it through all this. But you don’t, of course. You’re already the person you need to be, and you already have the tools you need to keep going. This week, some sleeping part of you might awaken — maybe a long-dormant love starting to stir again, maybe a forgotten power slowly remembering what it can do.

Weekly Horoscope Virgo


It might seem like nothing is lining up the way logic tells you it should this week, like nothing is leading to the conclusions you expect. It’s so frustrating when the tools and equations you’ve come to rely on go suddenly off-kilter, but it doesn’t mean your brain has lost any of its sharpness, or that your body has lost any of its wisdom. It’s just that sometimes there are forces bigger and wilder than the ones you can measure. Sometimes, the anarchic power of human rage and desire can throw everything off course. Sometimes, it helps to believe in magic after all.

Weekly Horoscope Libra


This week, pay attention to the moods and ideas that come to you while you’re doing the repetitive, day-to-day work of living — doing the laundry or brushing your teeth or taking out the trash. These little moments can blur, or can look like filler between the important things: the meetings or the parties or the conversations with other people. Don’t ignore what your brain has to show you in these quiet moments. You’re as alive when you’re doing the dishes as you are at any party. You’re as alive by yourself as you are in the middle of a crowd.

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio


It’ll be important to pay careful attention to your desires this week — but not with judgment, not with malice, not with suspicion or fear. Don’t imagine that you’re “interrogating” your desires as though you’re an investigator or a cop, as though the desires are plotting against you or working to hide the truth. You’ve known this so long, but maybe for a while you forgot desire’s ability to unlock something wild and bright inside you. It can tell you something important, something you need to hear, and all you need to do is ask. All you need to do is listen.

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius


When the world is as intense as this, it can seem like the easiest path is to refuse to see all the wildness, to refuse to be affected, to refuse to change the way you live. Sometimes this is a strategy that works; sometimes it’s possible to hold a world together through nothing more than the power of your hopeful desire. This week, though, it’s too much to ask of yourself, or of anyone, to live through all this without moving, without bending, without being changed. Let the changing world transform you, too.

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn


Even when your wild emotions rage like the seas, even when they batter your house like a rainstorm, you’re wise enough to know when to venture out into the winds and when to take shelter. You’ve lived through so many seasons and so many storms, and most of the time, you know what it is that you’re dealing with, and how you’ll need to respond. This week might throw you a little, might shake some forgotten feeling loose again. There are feelings that even you can’t control, situations even you can’t plan for in advance. A life of mastery isn’t the only life worth living.

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius


Sometimes it can feel like you’re entirely too much even for yourself, let alone for other people. Sometimes it can start to feel like you’re too weird, too prickly, too intense to live in the same world as other humans. This isn’t true, of course, and this week will keep reminding you of that. You can be your full self, as strange as lonely as you want, and it won’t disqualify you from other people’s generosity and love. It won’t disqualify you from being a person as worthy as anyone else.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces


Maybe it’s been feeling impossible to justify all the noise you make, all the space you occupy, all the oxygen you keep breathing. It’s easy to tell yourself that only way to live a good life is to disappear, or turn into smoke, or turn into air. It’s hard to put so much energy into survival without knowing whether your own life, your own gifts, are even needed at all. This week won’t give you a sign, exactly, but pay attention: It’ll give you opportunities to prove to yourself that the world needs you, and that you have important work to do.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 29