Behold These Luxurious Celebrity Thanksgiving Setups

Reese Witherspoon’s Thanksgiving. Photo: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

Thanksgiving may have already come and gone, but we’re still busy recovering from Thursday’s turkey comas. Well, most of us are doing that by laying horizontal on our parents’s couches and shopping Black Friday sales online — after repeatedly raiding their fridges for leftovers.

But shall we take a break from digesting all the canned cranberry sauce and turkey sandwiches we’ve been consuming to take a look at what our other family has been up to? Yes, we are referring to the many celebrities we follow on Instagram — several of whom graced our social media feeds this holiday with images of their own (and luxurious) Thanksgiving spreads.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the most envious Thanksgiving setups celebrities have shared this year.

Of course, first we have Reese Witherspoon, whose Thanksgiving Insta included dinnerware tagged as Crate & Barrel and a dress from her own line, Draper James.

Priyanka Chopra and her husband-to-be, Nick Jonas, had a lavish Thanksgiving meal in India. Seems like a perfect pre-wedding rehearsal?

In a completely unsurprising move, the Kardashian-Jenners went all out this Thanksgiving, celebrating the big day in warm weather and complete decadence, as seen in pics shared by Kendall Jenner. (You have to scroll through the pics to get the full scale of their ornate holiday).

Meanwhile, Khloé Kardashian stayed in Cleveland for her Thanksgiving — but there seemed to have been white rose petals on the table, so we’re sure she wasn’t too homesick.

As happens with many of Chrissy Teigen’s posts (because she cooks a lot, to our absolute joy), we got so hungry watching her Thanksgiving meal on Instagram Stories.

Chrissy Teigen’s Thanksgiving. Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a ‘gram of a Real Housewife! Here’s Ramona Singer, of New York, in her Hamptons holiday setup. We can only assume the turkey was served with a side of drama.

At the very least, we know Mariah Carey’s meal involved marshmallows and large sequins. We assume the rest was equally fabulous.

Katy Perry had an impressive (and fancy!) outdoor setup.

Katy Perry’s outdoor setup. Photo: Instagram/@katyperry

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had an impressive turkey, despite being abroad for the holiday.

But the most ornate celebrity Thanksgiving of all was that of DJ Khaled, who looked as though he were sitting atop a throne during his holiday feast.

Now, back to bingeing bad TV and eating yet another turkey sandwich…

Behold These Luxurious Celebrity Thanksgiving Setups