No Offense, But Babies Really Don’t Have Good Style

Cardi B. Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Fashion Nova

No offense to babies, but they’re bad at so many things. They can’t walk or crack jokes or paint anything besides blobs, and, as Cardi B noted at the launch of her instantly sold-out collaboration with Fashion Nova, their fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired too.

“My daughter don’t have no style right now,” Cardi told W Magazine of her 4-month-old daughter Kulture. “She loves to throw up on everything — I’m sorry. My daughter might end up with a Gucci outfit and then the rest of her three outfits — because she wears four different outfits a day — might be from Target. She just throws up on everything.”

It’s true, vomit is not very chic, but maybe style is something that comes once you develop object permanence. Even if Kulture isn’t a street-style star yet, the 26-year-old rapper still gushes about motherhood, telling Jimmy Kimmel last month, “It’s the best. It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, should’ve had you when I was a teenager.’ That’s what I was missing my whole life? I love you.” Though, she also noted:

“She broke my vagina. Why does nobody tell you about those things? Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina. People just be like, ‘Oh, when you give birth, it’s gonna hurt.’ But nobody tells you.”

No Offense, But Babies Really Don’t Have Good Style