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The Perfect Gift for Hot Duck Fans

Katherine Moffett's
Katherine Moffett’s “The Hot Duck Print.” Photo: Studio of Katherine Moffett/NYC

Central Park’s famous hot duck is, in many ways, the ideal muse. He’s both beautiful and mysterious, a regular fixture on the social scene (pond) and charmingly coy in interviews (videos of him quacking). So it’s no surprise that he’s been the source of deep inspiration for some artists.

Take Katherine Moffett, who’s selling a limited-edition “Hot Duck Print” in her shop. “I often take inspiration from nature and fashion, so this duck fit both those categories,” she told the Cut. “The park is his runway.” Her rendering retails for $90 and there are 200 available in the first run.

For those who want to wear their allegiance to the Hot Duck on their sleeve after building up their private Hot Duck apartment shrine, the brand Kirtlandii has released a limited-edition Mandarin Duck collection. They’re donating $3 from every duck shirt purchase to the National Audubon Society.

My colleague Anna Silman also wanted me to point out that she drew the Hot Duck after seeing him in person for the first time on Sunday. Thank you, Anna.

Photo: Anna Silman

And thank you, Hot Duck.

The Perfect Gift for Hot Duck Fans