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Trump Calls the White House ‘Hot’

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump, wordsmith. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Back in April, Donald Trump had a difficult time describing the White House while giving a speech in front of a person dressed up as the Easter Bunny. First he tried calling it a “house,” then a “building,” before concluding that there “really is no name for it,” even though it is in “tippy-top shape.” But finally, the day after the 2018 midterm elections, the president finally figured out the perfect way to describe the building he has been living and working in for 656 days: “hot.”

During a Wednesday press conference, Trump told reporters all about the attractiveness of not only America, but also the building in which the press conference was being held (the White House). “Everybody wants to work in this country. We are a hot country. This is a hot White House,” Trump told reporters, as see in video shared by CNN.

He further explained, “We are a White House that people want to work with,” which was surprising to hear given empirical evidence, including but not limited to the many people who have elected to leave the White House during his tenure, as well as that time the U.N. General Assembly laughed at him when he spoke of his accomplishments. Meanwhile, throughout the press conference, Trump also managed to insult CNN’s Jim Acosta (by calling him “rude”) and repeatedly tell American Urban Radio Network’s White House correspondent April Ryan to “sit down”.

We guess it’s just comforting to see Trump’s back to commenting on appearances again.

Trump Calls the White House ‘Hot’