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Wedding Workout Tips From YouTube’s Top Trainers

Illustration: Amanda Lanzone

Five internet-famous instructors on the one move you can’t get married without.

The Muscle: Back

The Channel: Blogilates by Cassey Ho
The move: Half-Cobra Grasshopper (minute 8:30)

1. Begin on your belly with hands underneath your shoulders, elbows touching your rib cage, and with your knees wide, feet up toward the ceiling, and toes pointed together to make a triangle. 2. In a slow, controlled motion, perform one half-cobra push-up — pushing through your palms until your chest lifts as high off the floor as you can get it without straightening your arms. 3. After holding for a moment, bring your chest down and move into a grasshopper lift by raising your knees off the mat.

Ho: I’ll definitely be doing this move for my own upcoming wedding — I’m wearing a backless trumpet dress.”

The Muscle: Arms

The Channel: Michelle Lewin
The Move: Triceps Kickback (minute 0:18)

1. Hold on to a bench or weight stand with one hand for support. 2. Bend your knees, bring your torso forward, and stick your butt out. Make sure you keep your back flat and your head up. 3. With a weight in your other hand (start light and gradually increase), bring your elbow up so your upper arm is parallel to the ground with a 90-degree angle between your forearm and upper arm; extend your arm straight back, keeping it close to the body.

Lewin: Brides love this one because of the burn; you know it’s working. You feel like a superhero.’’ 

The Muscle: Butt

The Channel: The Fitness Marshall by Caleb Marshall
The Move: The Booty Bus (minute 1:27)

1. Position yourself into a low squat; squeeze the glutes. 2. Walk forward with your hands placed on your thighs for support and pop your booty two times with every step. 3. Stabilize the booty bus by also engaging your quads, hamstrings, calves, and abs.

Marshall: “Yes, this tightens your butt, but it’s also a dance move you can do at the reception.”

The Muscle: Mind

The Channel: KinoYoga by Kino MacGregor
The Move: Viparita Karani (minute 6:50)

1. While lying on your back, bend your knees and fold your thighs toward your chest. 2. Inhale and slowly extend your legs while keeping the femurs grounded in their sockets. 3. Engage the quadriceps and gaze toward your nose while breathing deeply.

MacGregor: “Elevating the legs releases tension and encourages blood circulation. And a calm mind means an open heart.”

The Muscle: All of Them

The Channel: BodyRock by Frederick Light
The Move: Burpee Switch Lunge (minute 14:25)

1. Start in plank pose. 2. Jump both feet forward so they’re just behind your hands, then stand up straight. 3. Jump up, moving one leg back directly behind you and the other leg forward in front of you. 4. Sink into a lunge when you land. 5. Jump up from this position, switching the placement of your legs midair, and sink down again. 6. Jump up and bring your feet back to center. 7. Bring your hands to the floor and jump both legs back into plank.

Light: “If you hate burpees, you’re really gonna hate them when you add the switch lunge. That’s why this is the perfect move for when you’re prepping for a wedding — when you have that extra motivation.”

*This article appears in the winter 2019 issue of New York Weddings.

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Wedding Workout Tips From YouTube’s Top Trainers