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It’s Time to Indulge in Oprah’s Favorite Things

Hello, Oprah. Photo: @Oprah/Twitter

“Halloween is behind us. Elections have passed & we’re into ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!” Oprah announced in a tweet this morning. My God … she’s right, technically!

For a list of buyable items that as a child I would’ve had neither the means nor desire to purchase, and as an adult I have no means to purchase, the release of Oprah’s annual list of “Favorite Things” is oddly soothing. It calls to heart a child’s version of the holiday: the beginning of an excruciatingly long stretch of school and church stuff until finally it was Christmas, and you got a Spice Girls doll. (This is me-specific.) It reminds me of watching the “Favorite Things” episode of Oprah with my family, my whole life in front of me, with not Donald Trump as the president. It feels nice, which is nice, even though it is just a list of non-necessary stuff to buy, which is everything.

Anyway, what? Oh. I guess you can look at the list, here it is. Mostly what’s fun is the video Oprah included in her tweet; I wish it were longer. I could really go for an entire hour of Oprah explaining why she enjoys particular luxury items. But I guess if you’d like to see what Oprah and her team consider their favorite things in list form, you may do so, and I invite you to. Why not? The list is not very long. It’s mostly stuff like this:

• Some sort of soft thing
• Smart picture frames
• Food that looks good
• Some pans
• More soft stuff
• A fedora
• Apple Watch

The “Favorite Thing” I am most interested in is this snowman, whom I guess you put whole-body into a pot and then watch turn into hot chocolate, which is nightmarish in an unspeakably jolly way. Oh and also I want these slippers. And I want this luxe pet blanket. And any of the pajamas. And all of the food.

Merry items and happy indulging in a moment of materialistic wanting before you forget you have the tab open to you and yours.

It’s Time to Indulge in Oprah’s Favorite Things