Please Enjoy Jordan Peterson Talking About Living in a Hell of His Own Making

Jordan Peterson.
The beef man. Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Where’s the beef? For University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, it’s everywhere: Each day brings the excruciating, unyielding monotony of eating exclusively beef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The right wing’s favorite psychologist first began eating 100 percent beef, 100 percent of the time, thanks to his daughter, Mikhaila, an evangelist of the diet plan. (My ethical and taste-based oppositions to this aside, Mikhaila also says she had diarrhea for the first six weeks she tried this. So.)

Anyway, how’s the diet going for Peterson? British GQ recently asked him about it, and— even though he said he’s lost 50 pounds and cleared up some autoimmune conditions — he sounds absolutely miserable about this thing that he’s exclusively done to himself.

“It isn’t something I would likely recommend. It’s a little hard on your social life. It makes traveling quite difficult,” he admitted in a drained, monotone voice. “And it’s dull as hell.”


Jordan Peterson on Living in a Hell of His Own Making