Pete Davidson Takes 15 Precious SNL Seconds to Discuss His Breakup

Pete Davidson.
Pete Davidson. Photo: Screenshot via Youtube.

All right, you gossip queens out there. The SNL moment you were (maybe) waiting for this week came during Weekend Update, when a seemingly fresh-from-Sing-Sing Pete Davidson deviated from his voting monologue to address the tiny, cute elephant in the room: The recent drama surrounding his breakup with Ariana Grande. And you know what? There’s nothing really to see here, as Davidson took the diplomatic high road in favor of any salacious soundbites. “I know some of you are curious about the breakup. But the truth is, it’s nobody’s business and sometimes things just don’t work out and that’s okay,” he said. “She’s a wonderful, strong person and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world. Now go vote on Tuesday.”

Pete Davidson Takes 15 SNL Seconds to Discuss His Breakup