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A Cyclist Photographs Her Way Through Crete

Photo: Courtesy of Tenzin Namdol

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When Tenzin Namdol (@goodolenam) and her partner Ronnie first booked their bike trip to Greece, they planned to explore the country over the course of two weeks. That all changed when they arrived in Crete, Greece’s largest island, and had their first meal. “Upon landing in Crete, in the city of Heraklion, and eating our first meal there, we fell so much in love with the food that we decided to spend the two weeks slowly exploring the island at a human pace — that is, bicycling from the coastline into the mountains in zig-zags all across the banana-shaped island.”

Namdol has been riding her bike for environmental reasons for years, but she only started cyclotouring and bikepacking three years ago. This trip to Crete was one of her favorites ever. “We rode our bicycles every single day on the island, but we weren’t in a rush. Crete demands that you stop and contemplate the big picture while swimming in shimmering, ancient seas or sunbathing in a cave.”

A Cyclist Photographs Her Way Through Crete