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An Inside Look at Our November Cover Shoot

Valentino dress, $3,890 at Valentino boutiques. Photo: Agnes Lloyd-Platt

Next week, the Cut will publish our November cover story starring Indya Moore, the activist and actress of FX’s Pose. “Sparse, graphic, and colorful” is how photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt described her inspiration for the shoot, drawing from vintage photographs of house parties in the late 1950s and ’60s. Wearing feathery dresses and headpieces, Moore worked with Lloyd-Platt to play with textures, fabrics, and lots of streamers.

“I was hoping to tap into Indya’s spirit and connection with her body and find shape, then to throw her a party like it was 1959, Lloyd-Platt said.
With golden balloons, pointy party hats, and a delectably mid-century modern mint-green futon as the surroundings, this is one apartment party you don’t want to miss.

Photo: Agnes Lloyd-Platt
An Inside Look at Our November Cover Shoot