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These Perfumes Sold Out Instantly

Photo: Courtesy of Ouai

Have you ever been thrown off when a friend asks, “Why do you smell so good?” and you realize it’s just your hair product? If you’re a fan of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and her the Ouai line, you probably go through this scenario a lot. Atkin’s entire line has been synonymous with really wonderful scents and now you can get them all as perfumes.

Each of the four new fragrances are formulated to smell like a different hair product, and grounded with notes of white musk. There’s Melrose Place, which is scented like the Rose Hair & Body Oil, with notes of Champagne, rose, peony, and cedarwood. If you’re a fan of Ouai shampoos, then Mercer Street, with its citrus and floral-forward notes, is a good refresher on the days you skip washing your hair. Rue St Honoré is scented like the original Hair Oil, with a lush floral blend of violet, gardenia, and ylang ylang. The most popular Ouai scent comes from their bestselling Wave Spray: North Bondi. It’s supposed to smell “like summer”, with bergamot, lemon, and rose.

The fragrances are very popular. So popular that all of them except for Mercer Street, have already sold out. But if you sign up for their email waitlist, you can be notified when they’re available to purchase again. If you’re really curious about the scents, then go ahead and apply some wave spray to your wrists while you wait.

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These Perfumes Sold Out Instantly