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The Retiree Who Basically Lives at Bergdorf’s

“This mink, which I got from my furrier, Nick Pologeorgis, is my favorite coat.” Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Joan Sbarro, Retired, Horse Breeder

Where are you headed?
Home. I live across the street, in the Trump Tower. Though my French poodle, Madam, seems to think we live here, in Bergdorf’s. Whenever we’re walking, she begins pulling me toward the store. Everyone at Bergdorf’s loves Madam.

Like who?
Everyone there is family. There’s Françoise from the sixth floor, who has helped me forever. Michael, the director of restaurants, who knows my order: scallops. Annie, who once found a piece for me that was missing from my Armani coat. Nobody, not even Armani, could find it. She said, “Joan, I will find it for you.” And she did: in Milano, I believe. Really, Bergdorf’s is the total picture.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?
Of course. Naturally, I do most of my holiday shopping at Bergdorf’s. Though, not to be terribly negative, last Christmas I went in to buy some Chanel perfume for gifts and they were under-stocked. I think it’s a bit silly not to have enough Chanel No. 5 at Christmastime. I had to go elsewhere.


Lightning Round

Neighborhood: Midtown East.
Favorite coat: This mink, which I got from my furrier, Nick Pologeorgis.
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The Retiree Who Basically Lives at Bergdorf’s