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Chanel Made the Ultimate New York Souvenir

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Personally, I have never met a Chanel bag I don’t love, so when I heard there’s a new kid in town, I perked up. To celebrate the newly refurbished Chanel flagship store on 57th street in New York, the brand has produced a few limited-edition products. Sure, the store has a 60-foot-tall pearl necklace and insane art from Robert Mapplethorpe and Jenny Holzer, but I’m talking about goods we can actually bring home.

Let me introduce you to the limited-edition 2.55 handbag, exclusive to the 57th Street store. It pays homage to NYC with charms of the city skyline, taxi cabs, cupcakes, and of course one big apple. A black 2.55 might be the classic, but if you’re a Chanel die-hard, this is a definite treat — it’s outrageously plush and wildly impractical in the best possible way.

Chanel limited-edition 2.55 bag - $7,900, only at 15 East 57th Street, 212-355-5050

The Ultimate New York Souvenir from Chanel