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These Ultrarich Moisturizers Are Perfect for Your Dry Winter Skin

Ready, set, quench. Photo: Courtesy of Weleda

Winter is coming. Wait, sorry, winter skin is coming. You know it when you feel it, that slightly flaky, taut, and mildly (and sometimes very) uncomfortable state of skin. Your poor hands and face are trying the best that they can. And they could probably use some help from Weleda’s newest Skin Food products.

Weleda’s Original Skin Food Cream has been around since 1926 and is described as both a “cult favorite” and a “best seller,” which in the beauty world is usually code for “works very well.” (This was my go-to moisturizer when I worked in retail and was constantly washing my hands after handling money.) Even Rihanna likes it. The only downside to the original formula is that it’s really thick, and takes a long time to absorb. (Its best use? Slathering on feet before bed.) Which is why it’s exciting that they’re releasing a new “Light” version of the original version, purported to absorb much more quickly.

In addition to the Light Nourishing Cream, there’s also an indulgent Body Butter, with a whipped formula that is great for moisturizing your entire body after a bath or shower. There’s a new Lip Butter too, so you can keep your lips properly moisturized. You can purchase the new items separately, or you can grab a gift set and become a glistening beacon of moisture during the darkest days of the year.

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These Ultrarich Moisturizers Are Perfect for Your Dry Skin