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A Disco Roller Rink in Industry City, Pleated Lamps, and Eckhaus Latta Opens on East Broadway

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

First Look

In January, Pearl River Mart will open a tightly edited outpost of its iconic emporium in the Museum of Chinese in America (215 Centre St.).

Illustration: Jason Lee/Courtesy of the vendors

1. Jewelry: Pieces by Chinese-American brands like Pixiu, which makes modern earrings (from $45) and necklaces ($65) based on the ancient Chinese lucky coin, a symbol meant to attract wealth and prosperity.

2. Cultural wall: Shelves filled with historically significant figurines, like a gold lucky-cat bank ($8), resin Buddhas ($32), and three-legged bronze money toads ($10).

3. Stationery: Paper goods from Wonton in a Million, which makes notebooks (from $9) decorated with dumplings and egg tarts.

4. Seasonal goods: An area dedicated to the Lunar New Year — the Year of the Pig, more specifically — with all manner of swine, like a ceramic golden piggy bank ($5).

5. Books: Chinese-American–centric books like The Woman Warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston ($15), and The New Chinatown, by Peter Kwong ($17).

6. Snacks: A table filled with classic Chinese bites and confections, like White Rabbit milk candy and haw flakes.

2x2: Pleated Lamps

For a cozy wintry glow.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Desk: Inga Sempé Coloured Vaporetto lamp, $227 at
Hanging: Pleated pendant light, $39 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Not Cinched
Desk: Raw light with pleated shade, $1,200 at
Hanging: Tempo Vivace light, price upon request at

Three in One

Children’s meditation center–slash–wellness shop the Happinest is now open in Williamsburg (170 S. 1st St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Meditate: Classes for children ages 2 to 12, including Mindful Mornings With Minis, where 2-to-3-year-olds will learn to identify emotions through meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Shop: Wellness items for parents, like CBD tinctures (from $80), a black obsidian face roller ($45), and a “lucid-dreaming elixir” ($24).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Socialize: Regular workshops, including lunch-box discussions hosted by local nutritionists, sound baths led by local practitioners, and monthly movie nights for children.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Lola Star has opened Dreamland, a 15,000-square-foot disco roller rink, in Industry City (233 37th St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

What does a disco roller rink look like in 2018? “Mine is inspired by the ’80s. We have the same carpeting all those retro roller rinks had — just all Day-Glo. The windows are covered in rainbows, the walls are painted with unicorns. We’ll have frequent competitions so the older Central Park skaters can skate against the younger Roller Derby guys like Jonathan Rockey and Samy Stardust. And we’ll have performers in the center of the rink, like Spin Me Dizzy. She’s a professional Hula-Hooper.”


Mirror, which sells in-home gyms that stream live and on-demand classes via an interactive reflective surface, is popping up through May in Flatiron (139 Fifth Ave.). Founder Brynn Putnam talks in-store workouts.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“You sort of have to see the mirror ($1,495) to believe it. Basically, it functions like a regular one, but when you turn the LCD screen on, you get access to all of these professionally led classes. We were hosting demos out of our office all day every day, which just wasn’t sustainable. The store has seven demo mirrors, each enclosed in its own little pod with weights and a yoga mat. We encourage customers to try a workout class. So far, we’ve seen a lot of people come in with their friend, start working out, and just abandon them for half an hour.”

Top Five

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, the designers behind avant-garde fashion label Eckhaus Latta, have opened their first New York store (75 E. Broadway, Ste. 206). Eckhaus talks about his favorite boiled-wool jacket and bum-bag travel kit.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“This bomber jacket ($695) is made with boiled wool and has exaggerated rounded sleeves. It’s cropped and very fun. We call it the Bomber.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We designed these shirts ($185) in collaboration with Zoe’s childhood friend the designer Sonya Sombreuil. They’re screen-printed and very graphic.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We made these travel kits ($275) in collaboration with HotelTonight. Inside there’s a Piave toothbrush and tinctures from Zizia Botanicals.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“I love our Mane sweater ($385) very much. Its hem is hand-braided into little tassels, it’s made of Italian merino, and, best of all, it’s rather unisex.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We carry our EL jeans ($290) in several different washes. They are classics — I guarantee you will wear them until they quite literally wear out.”

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A Disco Roller Rink, Pleated Lamps, and Eckhaus Latta’s Shop