Ansel Elgort Bravely Renounces His Heartthrob Hair

Actor, singer, and DJ Ansel Elgort
Ansel Elgort and his hair. Photo: Getty Images

What the 1990s were to middle parts and floppy bangs, 2018 was to damp, eyebrow-grazing locks. Yes, heartthrob hair is back, a fact that leads me to believe that young actors and singers around Hollywood are marching into salons with photos of each other, and confidently asking for “the heartthrob.”

Ansel Elgort does not seem to be one of those young actors and/or singers (though he is, in fact, both an actor and a singer, as well as a DJ named Ansolo). In fact, Ansel Elgort has just taken his head of naturally heartthrob-y hair and bleached it platinum blond.

Ansel Elgort’s new hair. Photo: James Devaney/Getty Images

Elgort revealed this new hair at every celebrity’s favorite place to reveal things: Court-side at a sporting event. And while Ansel’s new hair looks very fluffy and soft, it sadly does not meet the standards my colleague Erica Smith previously determined for Heartthrob Hair:

• Dark (Platinum blond is the opposite of dark.)
• Pretty wavy (Ansel’s appears to have been blow-dried.)
• Strategically disheveled but noticeably styled (Disheveled? Yes, a little! But not styled in any obvious way.)
• Damp, or perhaps recently dried (His hair looks very dry, hence the blow-dryer observation.)
• Pretty shiny (Bleaching typically wrecks any shine factor your hair might have, so this one isn’t his fault.)
• Good-smelling, or at least it looks that way (I have not tested this theory.) (I have no way of testing this theory, either, and am rendering it void.)
• On the head of someone who looks like they were probably on the Disney Channel after you stopped watching it (Ansel was not on the Disney Channel, but he was in several films that are probably very popular with your teen cousins. Ask them about them this holiday season!)

But what are rules if not things that are made to be broken? And what is hair if not a thing you grow to do whatever you want to it? I applaud Ansel’s willingness to experiment with his head topiary, and I applaud the Heartthrobs for embracing the dewy curls for which they were destined

Ansel Elgort Bravely Renounces His Heartthrob Hair