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10 Beauty Gifts for Your Astrology-Obsessed Friend

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‘Tis the season! Well, technically, it’s Sagittarius season, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones who can have fun. There are a lot of ways you can celebrate your friend who is always asking everyone what time of day they were born.

This list can be a good starting place to win points with the astrology-obsessed in your life. Whether they’re a lifelong devotee to studying the cosmos, or just have a really good horoscope app on their phone, these gifts indicate that personalizing beauty routines with zodiac signs isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Sparkly nail polish is the nice touch to any holiday outfit. Each of the metallic Julep polishes in the Zodiac Collection have been chosen to “flatter each sign’s unique charm.”

Bite’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick is creamy, super smooth, and smells great, too. They have released limited-edition shades for each zodiac sign, like this bold orange-red, that is perfect for the fiery Scorpios in your life.

You can use these markers to “stamp on” your sign as a temporary tattoo. These are meant to be used as a makeup product, but there’s nothing stopping you from stamping them on your holiday cards for a personalized touch.

Each of these four buffers are infused with their own bodywash, so you can clean and exfoliate at the same time. Pictured here is the Lavender and Sea Salt option for earth signs, but there’s also Spiced Neroli for fire signs, Lotus Bloom for water signs, and Fresh Tuberose for air signs.

Yes, there are fragrances available that have been specially formulated for each of the zodiac signs. If you want something elegant and understated as far as zodiac gifts are concerned, these perfumes are a great option.

Another great option to subtly declare your zodiac leanings: these Nova candles. They’re grouped by element, so you can tap into the deeper cosmic connections between you and your fellow earth, air, fire, or water signs. Or, you can just light this candle and enjoy it.

This palette from ColourPop offers a variety of richly pigmented shades, each one honoring a different sign, like metallic aqua for Pisces, sultry purple for Scorpio, and glittering gold for social butterfly Gemini. You could even combine your sun, moon, and rising sign shades into one very pigmented and personalized eye-shadow look.

These little blue candles are perfect for your friend who is into her zodiac sign, but in an understated way. They have a citrus and sugar scent called “Volcano” that’s grounded with “exotic mountain greens.”

Astrologer Susan Miller partnered with Fresh to design the packaging for their best-selling Sugar Lip Treatments. Every Lip Treatment is accompanied by a limited-edition horoscope written by Miller and available on the Fresh website.

This is the perfect gift on its own, or as an accompaniment to any of the gifts above. It walks through the basics of astrology and how you can interpret birth charts, and is ideal for anyone who is looking to delve further into their understanding of the cosmos.

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10 Beauty Gifts for Your Astrology-Obsessed Friend