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Gift of the Day: A Set of 5 Fancy Candles

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

There’s a perfect full-size candle for every occasion, but sometimes the occasion calls for five mini candles instead. Four-days-before-Christmas is such an occasion, and French fragrance brand Diptyque has the perfect quintet for last-minute gifting: A curated set of five fun-sized versions of their fancy candles that all smell festive in some way.

There’s Pomander, which smells like a sliced Christmas orange with cinnamon and cloves sprinkled on top, fiery Feu de Bois that smells crackling and cozy, warm Ambre and Santal that smell indulgent and incense-y, and Cyprès, which smells like a coniferous tree. Gift the entire set to one person you like a lot, or split it up into single stocking stuffers for five people you like just fine.

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Gift of the Day: A Set of 5 Fancy Candles