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Gift of the Day: A Really Pretty Lipstick

Photo: Courtesy of Rodin

What should you get for your bud? Maybe a lipstick inspired by buds. For the friend who likes barely there makeup — makeup that is more of a suggestion than an emphasis — try a lipstick from stylist Vanessa Traina’s collaboration with Rodin.

Though they’re calling it a lipstick, this is more of a sheer stain that’s a few steps above a tinted lip balm. There are three shades, including a nude and a fuchsia, but we prefer the Dahlia, a bright, orange-and-pink-based red that makes your lips look flushed, like you just pressed an ice cube against them. And the Lucite-printed packaging looks like flowers encased in ice — a nice gift for the frosty season ahead.

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Gift of the Day: A Really Pretty Lipstick