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8 Beauty Products I Kind of Want to Eat, to Be Perfectly Honest

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Some beauty products feel refreshing. Others smell wet. Some are extremely intense, and others don’t smell like anything at all. Some are rainbows, even. Still, no matter what they are, all of them are labeled “WARNING: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.” It’s a harsh but helpful reminder, because some beauty products look so gosh-darn appetizing that I kind of want to eat them.

Now, I’m not endorsing eating any of your beauty products, regardless of what they look like. I want to be very clear about that. But I would like to publicly applaud eight of them for looking especially delicious. These so closely resemble things I can eat and have eaten that they now hold a special place in my heart — which, as is the case for many, is only accessible via the stomach.

1. This Peel That Looks Like a Smoothie

This comes in two steps — an exfoliating peel and an activator — but I only want to eat the first one (left). This stuff straight up looks like a Jamba Juice Coldbuster packed into a 1.7-fluid-ounce jar instead of a 16-ounce cup. It has a smooth yet thick consistency that’s just asking to be scooped out with a spoon (the tub it comes in is far too shallow for a straw.) It smells like a Coldbuster too, which makes the optimist in me want to believe that vitamin C just smells like orange sherbet. A beautiful thought.

2. This Facial Scrub That Looks Like a Different Smoothie

As Hayley already pointed out, this scrub also looks like a smoothie, so I also kinda of want to eat/drink it. But slightly less so than the Coldbuster dupe because I don’t like how blueberries leave flakes of their skin in your teeth. The acai is a nice touch, though.

3. This Moisturizer That Looks Like Whipped Cream

This looks like a cross between Cool Whip and schlag from Peter Luger, so needless to say, I very much want to eat it. The consistency of the actual product is also very schlag-whiplike: light, fluffy, heavenly. My face gets to drink it up before I leave my apartment, but every time I unscrew the top I get a very strong craving for a slice of pie from Peter Luger (to dollop it on) or a cup of black coffee from Peter Luger (to mix it in), both of which are things I never have handy in my bedroom. Sad.

4. This Mask That Looks Like a Cool, Refreshing Treat

I’m sorry, but this is a dead-ringer for green tea ice cream, is it not? Ten out of ten would eat. It already comes with a spoon-type thing.

5. This Leave-In Treatment That Looks Like a Dairy-Free Drink

If ice cream sounds a tad too rich but you still want a green-tea fix, this light leave-in conditioner would make a great option. All it needs is a straw and it’s a delicious matcha latte made with a new, exciting milk.

6. This Hand Cream That Looks Like Yogurt

I don’t eat Yoplait Harvest Peach Yogurt anymore, but this hand cream reminds me that I used to after my mom’s epic Costco runs during my youth, and it kind of makes me want to eat it again. Hand cream and yogurt already look extremely similar and this is a peach-scented one that comes in a peach. Game over.

7. This Body Scrub That Looks Like Brownie Batter

This velvety cocoa scrub looks and smells exactly like brownie batter, which is an excellent option for new go-to holiday guilty pleasure since the CDC’s annoying annual “don’t eat cookie dough” rant just made its rounds. Loophole!

8. This Body Scrub That Is Made of Coffee

This is basically just fancy coffee grounds mixed together with fancy sunflower seed oil so, yeah, I kinda want to eat it.

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8 Beauty Products I Kind of Want to Eat