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Confirmed: We’d All Meme Our Way Through an Alien Invasion

Blue lights over Astoria, Queens, following an explosion.
Definitely aliens. Photo: Jay Reeves/AP/REX/Shutterstock

A transformer at a Con Edison power plant in Queens exploded late Thursday night, which was bad for the New Yorkers who lost power or had their flights at La Guardia Airport delayed or canceled. (No one was injured in the blast, the New York Times reported.) In other unfortunate news, the blue light that emanated from the blast was not the work of aliens, or the rapture, and we must continue to slog through 2019 as previously planned. We were so close to freedom!

The sky turning an eerie fluorescent blue is cause for plenty of alarm, whether or not you’re high, and plenty of New Yorkers reportedly began packing go bags. Others, however, decided that they just had to get a few tweets off before the blue light consumed bodies and the world descended into darkness. How bad can an apocalypse really be if everyone is focused on cracking jokes through it all?

Most people thought the explosion looked like an alien invasion, or something directly out of Ghostbusters. Others were not exactly convinced by the “transformers exploding” theory. And look, I’m not trying to split hairs here, but there is an entire movie franchise based on how Transformers are aliens, so maybe this is just what the aliens want us to think? I’m really fun at parties.

It wasn’t long before the NYPD chimed in and attempted to control the mass hysteria and/or people passing all the same jokes off as their own. But there was one theory they did not disprove, which is that gender-reveal parties have gotten entirely out of hand.

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Confirmed: We’d All Meme Our Way Through an Alien Invasion