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Who Will Press My Head and Ears Like They Do in This Video?

Photo: Zero Creatives/Getty Images

I was watching a new video from one of my favorite ASMRtists this past weekend, and the host, Julia, was giving her friend Elizabeth a face and head massage. (I like to draw or knit with ASMR videos on in the background sometimes.)

Anyway, the video was great, and at the end, as Elizabeth was coming out of her relaxation “trance” (not an actual trance, but she’d had her eyes closed), she mentioned that a particular move that Julia had done had made her feel like everything was okay. “It made me feel so safe,” she said.

Normally I don’t pay too much attention to specific words in ASMR videos, as the whole point of them is usually to let the sounds wash over you, but this stood out.

She described the move, and then I went back and skimmed through the video, looking for it. Here’s her exact quote:

“That move you were doing, where you had your hands over my ears, and you put pressure — that was so phenomenal. It felt like, for a split second, like everything in the world was okay. It made me feel so safe, and comforted.”

Julia: “That’s awesome.”

I found it and it was this:

It’s more of a series of moves than a static hold, and the sequence starts at 21:20 if you want to check it out yourself — but basically someone squeezes your head between their arms while sliding their arms down the sides of your head, and it looks so peaceful. I’m going to see if I can get someone to do it to me this weekend.

Who Will Press My Head and Ears Like They Do in This Video?