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Gift of the Day: Earthy Cookware

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A big, steaming bowl of soup is the most satisfying, soul-warming meal on a cold winter’s night, especially when it’s presented in a beautiful piece of cookware. Nothing is quite as spectacular as a donabe. The clay pot, which is placed over an open flame, is used to cook rice, pasta, and stews in nearly every Japanese household. It’s a thoughtful present for the chef who loves to host friends — a donabe can be used to make shabu shabu: a communal meal where everyone dips their meats and veggies into a flavored broth.

This donabe is imported from Iga, Japan, and features a rustic brushstroke finish known as hakeme. Give it to your most worldly friend — a cooking enthusiast, or even someone who’s just starting out, and they’ll be impressed. For more guidance, direct them to this cookbook.

Hakeme Classic-style All-purpose Donabe

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Gift of the Day: Earthy Cookware