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Estée Lauder Has a New Bold Makeup Collection

Bienvenue, La Dangereuse. Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year, because there are a lot of new makeup releases that conveniently coincide with gift-giving season. If you haven’t finalized that wish list yet, check out Estée Lauder’s new limited-edition makeup La Dangereuse Collection by Violette, the brand’s global beauty director. The collection is inspired by some very French things, but with a modern twist. Violette explains that the collection is inspired by a French word, “espiegle”:

“A wild, independent, powerful, fun and playful woman … La Dangereuse is the story of the mysterious, alluring, empowered, Femme Fatale. The collection’s textures, metallic finishes and bold hues of burgundy and blue are created for the woman who wants some serious va-va-voom.”

The eye-shadow palettes are especially striking, and not just because each comes in a metallic gold case. There’s “Blue Dahlia” with a selection of matte and metallic blue and gold-toned shades, as well as, “Amour Amour” which is filled with burgundy and pink shades. Each palette has a lid that corresponds to the colors inside, and is slightly reminiscent of the scene in Sleeping Beauty where Princess Aurora is dancing and her dress keeps switching between blue and pink.

In addition to the two eye-shadow palettes, there are two lip paints, a lipstick, an eye “gloss,” an eye crayon, a loose glitter, and a “sculpting” face palette that includes blush and highlighter. This wild, mysterious, independent, and alluring collection seems to be packed with a lot of great things (besides adjectives). It’s available now from Estée Lauder.

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Estée Lauder Has a New Bold Makeup Collection