Everything We Know About Cardi B and Offset’s Breakup

Cardi B and Offset. Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

On early Wednesday morning, Cardi B took to Instagram to announce that she and Offset were breaking up, after over a year of marriage. “It’s [nobody’s] fault, I guess we just grew out of love, but we are not together anymore,” she said in the video.

That sounds amicable enough, but almost immediately after her announcement, rumors have spread about Offset’s fidelity, and a woman has come forward to apologize to Cardi for supposedly coming between the couple.

So does anyone know what really happened? Let’s break down what we know so far about the split.

First: Who is Summer Bunni, and why is she apologizing to Cardi?

Summer Bunni is a model who appeared in a music video for “Fefe,” a song from 6ix9ine, Murda Beatz, and uh, Nicki Minaj. She’s also Offset’s alleged mistress, a rumor she seemed to confirm in a tearful video sent to TMZ, in which she apologized to Cardi.

“I have not messed with Offset since he’s had his baby,” she said, adding that she “didn’t know how serious this marriage was.”

“I feel ashamed,” she continues. “It’s a lot, but just coming from me and to Cardi B and to our fans, to her family to her situation, these were never my intentions and I never wanted to break up a happy home.”

She also posted an Instagram of her notes app (as you do), in which she wrote, “I’ve always been for women supporting each other but in this situation not only myself but others have failed. I separated myself from certain situations and people for a reason.”

What else do we know?

For one thing, this isn’t the first time Offset has been linked to cheating rumors. Last year, video footage emerged of Offset cheating on Cardi, but the pair appeared to work through it, with Cardi defending her choice to take him back.

That could be why a source told People following the breakup that the couple “obviously had huge problems for a long time,” though this source did also say that the two are “still very close and really do care for one another.

What’s been going on since the breakup?

Post-split, an onlooker at Art Basel told People that they witnessed Cardi looking “sad,” though TMZ claims that she’s “partying and doing fine,” so take that as you will.

What we do know for sure is that Cardi has taken this time to be a little more open with us “nosey fucks,” sharing a photo of her and Offset’s baby, Kulture, for the first time.

She also took to the stage at a show in Chicago to rap about the split, changing the lyrics to the song “Motorsport” to “I get up set off / I turn Offset on / I told him the other day / Yeah, we gon’ get a divorce.”

Offset, in the meantime, had been relatively silent — except for a few Instagram Stories of a new set of rings and a watch — until Sunday morning, when he tweeted about missing Cardi, succinctly putting it: “FUCK YALL I MISS CARDI.” Sources told TMZ that Offset is desperately trying to get her back, but thinks he’s being held back by the “haters” who flood Cardi’s social media with negative comments about him.

Good luck to him.

This post has been updated with additional information.

Everything We Know About Cardi B and Offset’s Breakup