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All I Want This Christmas Is to Bathe in Hermès

Photo: Photo Illustration by Stevie Remsberg/Photo Courtesy of the Retailer

When people hyperbolically say they want to “bathe in Hermès,” they usually mean that they want to be luxuriating in orange boxes, rare Birkins, and buttery calf leather. But this Christmas, I want to literally bathe in it with bubbles up to my neck and as hot water as I can stand. And shockingly, it’s very possible! Hermès perfumed soap bubbles doesn’t require a secret sales-representative hookup or price upon request.

Your apartment doesn’t need to have a claw-foot bathtub to be worthy of the Hermès bathing experience. The bathtub you share with two roommates may require some scrubbing down first, but you can fill it with fluffy, scented foam from the brand’s Le Bain collection. Their bath and body collection launched in 2014, but is still somewhat under the radar. But for a semi-reasonable price, you can smell like orange blossom (Eau de néroli doré), a floral figgy garden (Un jardin en Méditerranée), or like morning jasmine (Le jardin de Monsieur Li) with their perfumed shower gels.

Technically, these are meant for showers but I recommend using a very liberal amount (like half the bottle) and treating it like a bubble bath potion. It will smell decadent (you’ll be bathing in the creations of its former Grasse perfume, Jean Claude-Ellena), feel luxurious (your skin will be super-soft), and also pretend to be rich (you’ll essentially be soaking in $25 worth of body product that will go down the drain). But it’s the holidays! And if that isn’t enough, consider that Hermès also makes perfumed hand wipes and deodorant too so you can deodorize and banish germs the super-fancy way too.

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All I Want This Christmas Is to Bathe in Hermès