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Gift of the Day: An XXL Silk Scrunchie

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

If you’ve decided to eschew a hair tie for the comforting hug of a scrunchie, congratulations. You’ve made the right choice and have taken an important step in reducing ponytailed-related tension headaches (Ruth Bader Ginsburg agrees). Take it one step further with a generously sized scrunchie made of silk.

A silk scrunchie imparts the same benefits as those silk pillowcases everyone seems to be using nowadays. Its smooth material prevents hair breakage, reduces frizz, and leaves your hair crease-less even after it’s been up in a ponytail for hours. Plus, this one is big. Huge. To compare it to donuts (the obvious pastry equivalent) a regular-sized scrunchie has just about the same circumference as a Dunkin Donuts french cruller. This one is roughly the size as an artisinal hibiscus creation from Dough. The size makes it feel extra fancy and fun to fling your ponytail around from shoulder to shoulder as you bounce around the house knowing you’ve made a superior hair tie choice.

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Gift of the Day: An XXL Silk Scrunchie