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Actually, We Kind of Liked Calling It the ‘Hollaad Tonnel’

Photo: The Cut.

As promised, new and timely slogans that we’re thinking about a lot will be added to the Cut Shop regularly. Here’s our latest addition.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some decorations-related drama, and the Holland Tunnel was the lucky target this season.

For years, the mouth connecting New York to New Jersey has celebrated the season with wreathes over the letters O and U and a tree over the N. But finally, enough people got upset about sitting in traffic and staring at the words “HoLLAaD ToNNEL” that something had to be done.

Everyone from New York to New Jersey seemed to have an opinion on the matter, with many different suggestions being offered over the course of last week. A viral petition was created, and an online poll conducted. By Monday, Port Authority announced that it had finally found a solution: move the tree. It will rest over the A so that the sign reads “HoLLaND ToNNEL.” So close.

Now that the old spelling is going away, though, we’ve realized that we kind of liked it. It had a nice ring to it. In that spirit, here’s a “HoLLAad ToNNEL” T-shirt.

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Actually, We Kind of Liked Calling It the ‘Hollaad Tonnel’