Huda Beauty Is Joining the Skin-Care Game

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty
Huda Kattan. Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images for The Business of

The year 2019 will see no shortage of lotions, potions, and other miscellany under the general skin-care umbrella. Deciem is coming back to Sephora, Jennifer Lopez is adding to the space, and now, Huda Kattan is throwing her eponymous beauty brand’s almighty name into the ring.

Right at the very end of a new interview with InStyle, Kattan hinted at the upcoming launch. “We also have plans to launch a skincare brand in 2019 — which is also independent of Huda Beauty with its own brand identity — which is a really exciting challenge for us,” she explained. It’s not the first time Huda Beauty has branched out; the company began with lashes, and expanded to offer everything from liquid lipsticks to concealers to Insta-famous palettes. Kattan also debuted a line of four fragrances called Kayali earlier this year.

While she didn’t explain which products will come first, Kattan added that “We want every product to serve a purpose. If there isn’t a need for something or there is already an amazing product available, then we won’t create a new one.” The brand, she added takes “a lot of inspiration from our social family,” which currently has 30 million followers on Instagram alone.

Congratulations, Instagram, on your new beauty line. You sure have been innovative this year.

Huda Beauty Is Joining the Skin-Care Game