The Changemakers: Inside the #MeToo and Time’s Up Revolutions


Nina Shaw, Saru Jayaraman, and Amanda Nguyen were empowering women long before #MeToo and Time’s Up became viral movements. Since then, they have taken on new roles to combat sexual violence against women across sectors.

Shaw, an attorney who co-founded the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, believes “people are still at the very beginning of this movement,” adding, “and if we’re only at the beginning in terms of awareness, it means that we have a lot of growth, and I’m very hopeful about that.”

Jayaraman, the co-founder and president of Restaurant Opportunities Center United, notes, “Collectively, all of us who have been working with Tarana [Burke] — who have been leading sectors of low-wage workers or higher-wage professionals — all of us would like to see far more focus on structural change.”

Nguyen, a civil-rights activist who founded RISE, a nonprofit organization working to pass legislation that supports victims of sexual assault, acknowledges that the process has not been easy, but is rewarding nonetheless. “At the end of the day, it’s about knowing that we can actually create change,” says Nguyen, “and having a deep belief in the civil rights that we’re fighting for — because the sacrifices are real.”

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Inside the #MeToo and Time’s Up Revolutions