The One Where Jennifer Aniston Apparently Lived With a Ghost

Jennifer and friend. Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is, has always been, and will continue to be fine. This has remained true through her breakups, the incessant media speculation about the occupancy of her womb, and, apparently, even being haunted by an angry, caffeine-loving ghost who hated her roommate.

During an appearance with Dolly Parton on The Late Show With James Corden to promote their new Netflix film, Dumplin’, Aniston said that, when she first moved to L.A., she hired a ghost whisperer to come look at the house she was living in because so many strange things were happening.

“This dishwasher would start to go, or the coffee-maker would start to go, or the stereo would just turn on at full volume,” she said. “And it was terrifying.”

Aniston said the ghost whisperer put frankincense in a little dish, and started “saying all these things” and when she brought the dish to one corner of the house, it cracked. The ghost, having made his presence known through the cracked dish (rude) then apparently informed the whisperer that he hated Aniston’s roommate (also rude). I don’t know anything about this ghost or his story, so I don’t want to pass judgment too quickly, but he sounds petty.

The truly haunting part of this tale, however, is that Aniston apparently did not tell her roommate about the ghost or his grudge against her — she just moved out, which is extremely messed up. Parton asked what happened to the roommate, to which Aniston said, “she’s fine,” which seems to apply more to Aniston than it does to her poor, cursed roommate.

Watch the full clip of the exchange below.

The One Where Jennifer Aniston Apparently Lived With a Ghost