Wearing Coats Is Different When You’re Famous

Jennifer Lopez and her coat. Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

Every winter, I tell myself I will be a person with a Fun! coat. Perhaps I will buy a cuddly teddy that will keep me warm, or a soft faux-fur leopard situation. I know, however, that I will grab the black puffer coat from the depths of my closet and wear it resentfully until springtime. I am a creature of habit, and a black puffer is practical. The sleeping bag, c’est moi.

This line of thinking — what my mother would call “sensible” — does not apply to Jennifer Lopez, who has been wearing some really great coats in New York City. Obviously she wears great coats, she’s Jennifer Lopez!

So when she stepped out in a white Stéphane Rolland coat yesterday, I was not surprised. She could handily afford dry-cleaning. But when she turned, and displayed the coat’s train trailing behind her, I realized, this is the richest photo I’ve ever seen in my life. Imagine letting white fabric fall to the ground intentionally. Imagine the filth that coat is now picking up, like a haute couture Swiffer. Couldn’t be me … but I wish it was. Imagine the coats I would wear if I wasn’t so damn practical?

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

To add to the dry-cleaning bill, J.Lo later stepped out in the designer’s haute couture pants-with-train combo. That, too, was left to fend for itself on the streets of New York.

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images
Wearing Coats Is Different When You’re Famous