Jennifer Lopez Has So Many Good Coats

Jennifer Lopez in a really good coat
Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Getty Images

When buying a new winter coat, you can A) Opt for something utilitarian so that it matches everything you own, or B) Pick a decidedly flashy coat that, perhaps, intentionally clashes with the rest of your outfit. The choice is yours and the world is your oyster. But if you’re Jennifer Lopez, you pick option C) Buy a coat for every outfit! A sartorial lid for every pot!

Lopez made the rounds in New York City to promote her new movie, Second Act, in which she plays a blue-collar grocery-store clerk who finds herself jettisoned to the CEO suite of a major company. And while J.Lo’s repertoire of rom-com classics is enough to sway me into a movie-theater seat, it’s her press wardrobe that is putting in overtime.

Ms. Lopez Will See You Now

For her first act (sorry!), Lopez opted for an updated three-piece Max Mara suit, with a jacket, pants, and coat in a subtle gray check. A Gucci clutch, red-tinted sunglasses, and black leather gloves literally pulled the look together.

Ms. Lopez will see you now. Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Winter Whites, Taken to Their Furthest Possible Extreme

I have already waxed poetic on this white Stéphane Rolland coat, which J.Lo wore with and without its fur stole. But allow me to do it again, because this coat has a train so showstopping, I momentarily forgot the streets of New York are covered in any combination of grime, dirt, and grimy dirt. I felt compelled to try this look for myself, and to be the J.Lo of my own life! And then I thought about the cost of dry-cleaning a coat that constantly drags on the ground behind your shoes and just ahead of everyone else’s and decided to simply live vicariously through this moment.

Think of the dry-cleaning bill! Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

One Does Want a Hint of Color

La Lopez later paired another Stéphane Rolland creation — pants with a train, or “trants” as I am calling them — with a red fur coat and matching clutch. Words could not adequately convey the luxury within this photo, so please, gaze upon it with me.

Red, red coat. Photo: JACKSON LEE /GC Images

Oooh, Shiny!

Here we see Lopez in a very excellent daytime sequin jumpsuit from Sally LaPointe. She topped it with a perfectly matched blue coat with furry elbow accents, a blue bag, and blue sunglasses.

Baby blues. Photo: JACKSON LEE /GC Images

But what I really must discuss with you all is the coat adorning the shoulders of Guadalupe Rodriguez, Lopez’s mother. Between the coat’s tasteful navy plush and her kicky pink trousers, I am happy to report that Guadalupe is also a sartorial hero.

My hero, Guadalupe. Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Alex Rodriguez With the Assist

Okay, okay, I know A-Rod played baseball and I’m mixing my sports metaphors, but allow me the creative license this once. Here we see a couple who knows the power of outerwear statement pieces. Lopez opted for a furry Fendi coat and a cropped bomber underneath. When you spend your whole day switching coats, why not add a second coat underneath? As for Rodriguez, his understated turtleneck and tailoring combo was a slam dunk. (I said what I said, don’t @ me.)

The couple that coats together. Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

She’s a Business, Woman

Here J.Lo brought her Second Act poster to life, opting for a check dress and no-nonsense coat that would not look out of place in midtown Manhattan. Guadalupe kept her blue coat, because wouldn’t you, too?

Jennifer Lopez and also my hero Guadalupe. Photo: Jackson Lee/GC Images

Is a Poncho a Coat?

When it is this fash-on, it is. Lopez accessorized her Valentino look with black gloves, a black bag, and pearl-embellished sunglasses. (Here I must remind you that she wore all of these outfits in fewer than 48 hours. Please, forgive me for not having more to say. I am tired for her.)

Yet another coat. Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

One Final Coat, for Good Measure

And finally, one last furry, fuzzy coat to complete her outerwear tour de force at Artichoke Basille! Yes, a pizza joint! Is Jennifer Lopez the only woman alive who would wear Elie Saab to eat pizza? Probably, but I will not rest until I can live my life with such decadence, too.

Jennifer Lopez, queen of coats. Photo: Adrian Edwards/GC Images
Jennifer Lopez Has So Many Good Coats