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What Do You Think Drake and Kris Jenner Text About?

Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West loves to resolve (or exacerbate) his drama on Twitter. While it can be easy to get lost in his tangents, his tweets can sometimes do more than summon confusion — they educate us. On Thursday, he went on a 17-tweet spree about his still-unresolved beef with Drake about Pusha T, hidden children, and respect. There was a lot to unpack, but in the fray, a crucial detail emerged: Drake and Kris Jenner text each other.

What do they text about? Does Drake ask Kris for business advice? Did they talk about the drama from this summer? Are they swapping parenting tips? Do they just need a shoulder to lean on?

Imagine: Kris Jenner, sitting on one of her long, slightly off-white sofas, wearing a loose cashmere sweater, face glowing. She’s tapping away intently on her phone, detailing Kendall’s latest career moves, updates about Khloe and her baby, and quickly summarizing her increasingly futile efforts to get the family together to take a photo for the Christmas card. She presses send. Moments pass. Her phone pings.

“I’m so happy that Khloe and the baby are healthy and happy,” the text reads. It’s from her friend, Drake. An immediate follow up message: “That’s a bummer about the photo. A family as successful as yours, scheduling must be tough.”

Is that how it would go? Do they share recipes or tips on how to buy the best cashmere? Does he send Kris those motivational quote posts on Instagram on Sunday night when he’s KUWTK and things are getting stressful? Does Kris screenshot her conversations with Drake and send them to the family group chat, which includes Kanye West, with the side-eye emoji? Is Kris leaving Drake on read?

What Do You Think Drake and Kris Jenner Text About?