Which of Kate Hudson’s 18 Cutting Boards Are You?

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

This week, People magazine published an interview with Bride Wars actress and Fabletics founder Kate Husdon, in which Hudson discussed her new role as a spokesperson for WW, which is how Weight Watchers has rebranded themselves (she thinks the points are “fun”). Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff about WW, and being a mom, and “optimum life,” but the most interesting part of the whole interview is this picture, which shows Hudson in what is presumably her kitchen, with her newborn baby, Rani Rose, and 18 wooden boards.

Why does she have so many? It’s unclear; she doesn’t mention them in the interview. Probably most of them are for cutting and some are for charcuterie boards and some she got to use as either cutting or charcuterie boards, but she just hasn’t broken them in yet. In any case, each of these dozen-and-a-half cutting boards has a distinct shape, spirit, and energy. Below, see which of Kate’s boards is most like you:

1. The one on the counter, to Kate’s right: You’re a free spirit who doesn’t believe in labels or jobs or not having your wealthy parents pay your rent.

2. The small marble one on left, behind Kate: You can come off as cold and distant at first, but once people get to know you better, you’re still cold and distant.

3. The medium-sized round one behind the marble cutting board, that seems to have a handle: You’re shy, soft-spoken, and nice, but people talk over you a lot, which is rude, and you should speak up for yourself because you have interesting and important things to say.

4. The very big dark wood cutting board, behind No. 3, that looks round to me but could also be rectangular: You’re a Gemini.

5. The long, pale, surfboard-shaped cutting board, to the right of No. 4: You do the “hang ten” thing with your hands a lot.

6. The average cutting board behind the surfboard one: Your name is Kevin, or maybe Kelsey.

7. The big no-nonsense rectangular one in front of the surfboard one: You’re the mayor of a small town who is trying to ban dancing because you’re worried all the gyrating might inspire youths to kiss.

8. The round one in front of No. 7: You’ve recently gotten into meditating, and now “just be mindful” is your advice for absolutely everything.

9. The medium rectangular one in front of No. 8: You’re a stock photo model who hopes your recent turn as a dead body on Law & Order: SVU will be your big break.

10. The cute, well-worn little one in front of No. 9: Being short is your “thing.”

11. The absolutely enormous pizza paddle just to the right of No. 6: You’re a chef with a thick, swirly mustache and a tall hat and when something tastes good you kiss your fingertips and say, Bene!

12. The smaller pizza paddle in the front of No. 11, that has a long handle: See No. 11.

13. The medium rectangular one in front of No. 12, with sharp corners: You’re also a Gemini.

14–16. The three identical circular ones: You’re a throuple who’s going strong.

17. The one in front of No. 16 that looks like a paint palette: You’re artsy.

18. The medium one made of dark and light wood in front of No. 17: You like it when people eat cheese off of you.

Which of Kate Hudson’s 18 Cutting Boards Are You?