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Does Kristen Stewart Have a New Girlfriend?

Kristen Stewart and Sara Dinkin.
Kristen Stewart and Sara Dinkin. Photo: NIPO, OSPO/Osvaldo / BACKGRID

Today we pour one out for Kristella, as Kristen Stewart was recently photographed holding hands with a woman who is not Stella Maxwell, sparking rumors that the celesbian couple of two years has split — and that Stewart, unsurprisingly, has already moved on.

While Stewart and Maxwell were first spotted mingling at the 2015 Met Gala — when Stewart was still with ex Alicia Cargile — rumors of their relationship started swirling almost exactly two years ago, when Maxwell accompanied Stewart to Savannah, Georgia, for a film. However, the pair hasn’t been spotted together since they met up in Amsterdam this past October, and then this Thursday, Stewart unashamedly held another woman’s hand while walking around Los Angeles. Hmm!

Alas, the rest is speculation. While we don’t know why specifically Stewart and Maxwell would’ve called it off, some fans believe this split happened sometime while the former was traveling the world filming Charlie’s Angels — so perhaps the distance strained their relationship. And while we don’t have confirmation of who this mystery redhead Stewart is holding hands with might be, E! News reports that “super sleuth fans” think her name might be Sara Dinkin, an L.A.-based fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist. What may have revealed her identity? It appears that a staple in Dinkin’s wardrobe is pair of red sunglasses, which look a hell of a lot like the ones KStew’s mystery woman was sporting. Also, while Dinkin typically dyes her hair blonde, she Instagrammed a photo of her new chestnut locks just last week. Interesting.

But something weird is going on. In the photo that E! News published of the pair on Thursday afternoon, both women are wearing black jackets, and Stewart is sporting a camo shirt; in the image accompanying Just Jared’s article (and ours) about the couple hanging out on Thursday afternoon, they’re both wearing white vintage shirts. So does this mean one news outlet got their information incorrect, and the women hung out twice this week? Or did they change clothes — not suspicious at all! — during their hang? Is it really worth our time trying to parse these conflicting reports?

We can imagine that Stewart is giving all of us the middle finger right now, but whatever.

Does Kristen Stewart Have a New Girlfriend?